3 Expert Tips to Minimise Breakage

3 Expert Tips to Minimise Breakage

No matter if you have thick, luscious and virgin hair or processed, thinning and fine hair… one thing that we’re all worried about is unnecessary hair breakage!

“Breakage” refers to snapped strands of hair, rather than hair falling from the root. It’s normal for humans to lose up to 100 hairs per day from the root, because our hair grows in stages and one of those stages includes falling out to make space for a new hair. Breakage, however, is much less “natural”, and usually occurs because of one of three reasons:

  • Thermal Damage (including heat styling and sun damage)
  • Mechanical Damage (including vigorous brushing, hair ties and pinning)
  • Chemical Damage (including at-home and in-salon colouring)

These three tips are super easy to add into or take out of your shower routine to minimize the unnecessary breakage of our hard-earned (-grown?) hair!


Did you know that hot water, similar to hot air from your hairdryer, can alter the way your hair cuticle sits? While hairdryers direct the airflow to smooth your hair, excessively hot water opens the cuticle and can lead to premature split ends and unnecessary moisture loss! Minimise breakage by turning the hot tap down just a little.


When your hair gets wet it absorbs some of the water and becomes more elastic than when it’s dry. This elasticity is what allows hairstylists to manipulate your style with blowdrys, but can also result in breakage if not carefully handled. Get a wide tooth comb from any chemist, and gently comb through to remove any tangles. Blowdry or air dry fully before you get brushing.


…so invest in a good quality heat protector (to the tune of Nelly’s famous song). Most will come with additional benefits, such as hold, moisture boost or split end sealing technology. We recommend Kerastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Creme, Ciment Thermique, Nectar Thermique or Keratine Thermique – all of which will protect your hair from heat styling, and offer other fantastic benefits as well!