4 Ways to Keep Your Vibrant Colour Bright

4 Ways to Keep Your Vibrant Colour Bright

There’s nothing worse than your perfect post-salon hair washing down the drain a few washes later
Follow these four tips to keep that vibrant colour bright between visits.

1. Cold Wash

Hot water can prematurely fade your colour, so next time you wash your hair, try to brave having the shower a little cooler than normal. Heat and water both act to open the cuticle of your hair – allowing some of those expensive colour molecules to fall out! The hotter your shower, the faster your colour will fade. Try to extend the time between each wash (2-3 days is a good amount of time between each wash) and reduce the heat to protect your colour. If you really can’t turn down the heat during your sauna sesh, try blasting the midlengths and ends of your hair with cold water before you get out. It won’t stop the cuticles opening during the hot shower, but it will seal them closed at the end to prevent further fade once you’ve dried off.

2. In-Salon Treatments

These are usually offered to you at the basin, and can help to lock in your colour at the most crucial stage. Whilst they can sometimes feel like an unnecessary luxury at the time, they’re often a more cost effective solution because they can extend the time between each appointment. Kerastase Fusio Dose offers a Booster Brilliance option as well as a Pixelist Concentre that help to lock in colour with their Systeme Chromacapture Advance, and Bond Perfecting additives such as Olaplex and pH Bonder rebuild essential bonds in your hair to help it hang on to the colour through it’s own structural integrity.

3. Salon-Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

I hear this one all the time: “What difference do these products really make, compared to supermarket products?” The answer is: a whole separate blog post. In short: just like humans, feeding your hair with the right food will ensure it’s strong and healthy. Good quality ingredients backed by rigourous testing and cutting edge scientific research cost money, and the products that result are more expensive too. But it’s so worth it!

4. Heat protector!

Just like hot showers, heat styling tools can also prematurely fade colour. A good salon quality heat protector will not only save your hair from thermal damage (including split ends, dryness and breakage), but will also keep your colour looking fresher for longer. We recommend Kerastase Ciment Thermique for lightened hair, and Keratine Thermique for curly or unruly hair, and L’incroyable Blowdry for up to 230 degree C heat protection!


Some of these changes you can do for free at home, and others are more of an investment. Make sure you know what you’re getting into when you ask for vibrant hair! Your stylist will be more than happy to explain the cost of the appointment, the ongoing maintenance required and the best care tips.

Cover image credit to Guy Tang