Cotton Vs Silk Pillowcase

Cotton Vs Silk Pillowcase

Whilst our top priority is always maintaining the health of your hair, fantastic hair isn’t always made in the salon only! There are plenty of things you can do at home to build a fantastic foundation so that your hair is starting in the best condition.

One of the easiest ways to see an instant (and long term) change in your hair is to switch from Cotton to a Silk Pillowcase. Not only are silk pillowcases fantastic for hair, but they’re also excellent for your skin!

One of the main reasons silk is so good for your skin is that it’s NOT COTTON. Silk itself doesn’t have any magical properties that infuse into your hair and skin overnight. We’re not here to promise miracles and deliver nothing. What silkĀ does have is a slightly different microscopic shape of fibre compared to cotton, that makes itĀ much less drying and snagging than it’s cotton counterpart.

Cotton is a natural fibre from the cotton plant, that looks like a flattened tube folded on itself under a microscope. Imagine a long tube that has been flattened, folded in half length-ways and then twisted, and you’ve got a good idea of what a single cotton fibre looks like. These are layered one over the other to make a sheet, which is stitched into the shape of your pillowcases. Hair, being very very tiny, is small enough to fit into the little spaces created by the U shaped cotton fibres, and easily gets stuck in the twists and turns. This can cause micro-snagging – where single hairs get caught and cause friction or breakage.

Additionally, cotton is a very porous fibre that happily sucks away any moisture it comes into contact with. Because it’s so porous, it doesn’t always hang on to this moisture – which makes it a terrible fibre for clothes and bed sheets. When we swim, sweat or get wet by any means, cotton is quickly overloaded with moisture and doesn’t offer any moisture-wicking properties at all.

However, when we sleep, the natural moisture in our hair and skin is pulled out by the super-porous cotton fibres – and getting that moisture back in isn’t easy! Even though cotton is terrible at holding onto the moisture it wicks, the damage is already done.

Silk, on the other hand, is a long, tubular fibre with no flattening or folding crevices for hair to get trapped in. It can sometimes twist along the length of the fibre, but because the tube is roughly round and symmetrical, this doesn’t cause any snagging. Additionally, silk isn’t naturally as porous as cotton – meaning it doesn’t wick away small amounts of moisture easily. The natural oils in your skin and hair will stay there – just where they’re meant to be.

This means that skin will feel more supple, and you’ll see less of those sleep-lines caused by dry skin that is subjected to some serious tension and pulling overnight. Your hair will feel less staticky, frizzy and dry, and you’ll find that over time, dryness will be minimised as your natural oils aren’t being stolen each night.

Whilst silk pillow cases aren’t the cheapest option out there, we truly believe that the difference this small adjustment will make to your hair and skin long term is well worth the cost! Additionally, it doesn’t require any effort to remember each day, like an intensive skin-care or hair-care routine would.