Our Favourite Kerastase Products

Our Favourite Kerastase Products


No matter how impartial we try to be, everyone has favourites! These are our go-to’s, top-pics and  ride-or-dies!

Anita: Our 3x weekly density treatment boosts hair growth from within! The treatment cycle goes for 6 weeks, and includes incredible follicle-stimulating properties to awaken dormant hairs and encourage them to grow, with an average of 1,700 new hairs after one treatment cycle!

Joy: I use Initialiste on every single client because it’s an absolute necessity to anyone’s hair-care routine. It transforms hair growth, making your hair longer, stronger and shinier! Apply to your scalp or ends on wet or dry hair, and massage in. Blowdry in with your choice of heat protector!

Ebony: V. I. P. Volume In Powder, because it’s such a versatile product! It can finish off a blowdry beautifully, can extend the life of your blowdry another day or two, or you can spray it in your roots when you’re feeling a little bit oily. It’s definitely my go-to product to travel with, and I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a multi-use product.

Caitlin: The Specifique range has a load of different treatment options for the scalp. I have a bit of sensitivity in some areas, and dandruff all over. I started using the Bain Anti-Pelliculaire which treats dandruff, and not only did my dandruff significantly improve, but my sensitivity also improved because my scalp was less irritated by the dandruff (and scratching!) It’s been a game changer for me, I didn’t realise hair could be this fuss-free!

Robyn: L’incroyable Blowdry! I love this styling products because it’s so much more than just styling! It has super hot thermal protection, 3-day memory and you can restyle it as many times as you like. I’m indecisive, so I wash my hair with intention to blowdry it straight and leave it for 3 days… but I always end up whipping out the curlers somewhere, and it’s great to know that I’ll be protected from the heat and my root-boosting blowdry will stick around, even when I curl the midlengths and ends a few days later.