Changing your hair colour can transform your look, but you’ll never know which is your best-suited shade until you’ve done a little experimenting. As seasons change and trends evolve throughout the year so does your desire to be daring and different and amp it up or tone it down.  Perhaps you’re looking for a bold brazen change, looking to intensify your existing locks or take a trip to the dark side, let our highly experienced team of colourists with a wealth of knowledge in trends and techniques take your hair from dull and drab to red carpet ready.

Permanent and semi permanent colours

From just a re-growth application to freshening up your ends or an all over glossy colour application, we will make your hair feel and look its fabulous best.



If colours aren’t quite you’re thing perhaps taking a trip on the lighter side is just what you’re after. Being a blonde specialist salon means we have all the latest in hair technology and an extensive lightening portfolio.  A full range of lightening products ensures every and any kind of blonde your desire we can help you achieve. Inspired by the latest in hair colour trends, seasonal tones and fashion, we are crazy about blonde hair. After all, blondes have more fun, right? Entrust us with your blonde ambition.



Lighter or darker? maybe a few tones of both? depending on the look you want, we can achieve a vast range of looks that is easily changed whenever you find a new inspiration.


Creative colours

This is a technique that includes foils with an all over colour, perfect for covering any natural hair but adding softer tones at the same time.


Colour corrections

For those inner wanna-be hairdressers who thought they could try their hand at our job. Or if your current stylist can’t quite achieve what you want, we can correct that colour – whether it’s too dark, too light or just the wrong shade. This is where our expertise lay.



Our best friend. An amazing product that helps to protect the hair during the lightening process. A three step program. Step one the formula is added to the product during application. Step two is a sealing process once your colour is rinsed. Step three is a take home product to maintain the process and condition of your hair.

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