At SuiteBlonde, healthy hair is our top priority. We love to work at the cutting edge of colour, and healthy hair is the best canvas to flex our creative muscles. We know that healthy hair is important to you too, so we offer a range of rituals and treatments in salon to feed your hair the best quality ingredients.

Our comprehensive list of At-Home Products are essential to maintain your healthy locks at home and support your colour.

Fusio Dose Ritual

Starting at $40, Fusio Dose is the best way to repair your hair from the inside out. With lasting results for up to 12 washes when you use Kerastase products at home, you’ll feel totally transformed each time you add a Fusio Dose to your service. And with the 6th treatment 100% complimentary, your wallet will love you too.

Fusio Dose Rituals are a two-part, concentrated forumla that is customised to your personal hair concerns. You’ll feel instantly refreshed, rejuvinated and ready for fabulous hair. We combine one of five Boosters (Densité, Brilliance, Reconstruction, Discipline or Nutrition) with one of four Concentrés (Vita-Ciment, Pixelist, Oléo-Fusion and Densifique) to instantly address any of your hair concerns!


Kerastase Camera Consultation

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Similar to Skincare, caring for the health of the scalp will ensure your hair is supported from the roots with complete nutrition to grow healthy, shiny and strong.

Using the latest in salon professional products and an in depth diagnosis of your hair and scalp, we can prescribe the perfect solution to meet all your hair care requirements. Pop in for your complimentary Camera Consultation today to see if your scalp is healthy!


Olaplex and pH Bonder

Our two fantastic Bond Restoring products work both in-salon and at home to find any broken bonds in the keratin fibre of your hair strands, and repair them to minimise breakage and maximise shine. Both Olaplex and pH Bonder can be added to your colour formula when applied to your hair, to minimise bond elimination due to chemical processing (Step 1). Step 2 is an in-salon treatment applied at the basin after your colour service to restore fibre strength and replace any missing bonds in your hair. Step 3 is a take-home product to be used on dry or almost-dry hair before your shampoo to restore any bonds that Step 2 may have missed, and that may have been damaged by the elements, during every day life in the Australian sun, wind and water.

Check out our blog post on Shower Habits to change to minimise breakage!

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