Salon Vs Supermarket Shampoo

Salon Vs Supermarket Shampoo

Salon Vs Supermarket Shampoo: Is Salon Shampoo really better? 

The short answer is: Yes.

The long answer is: Long. It needs a bit of a back story, including a bit of science and a bit of consumer behaviour. Strap in!

In the hair care industry, we often talk about products in terms of their “cosmetic” and “medicinal” effects – that is, how the product makes your hair feel straight away, and how the product actually influences the health of your hair.

Cosmetic Effect: Outside of Hair Strand

Medicinal Effect: Inside of Hair Strand

Both of these two aspects are important in a great product.

In low-cost products such as supermarket shampoos, people don’t need to spend much time making their choice because they aren’t investing much money. Because of this, choices are made based on product characteristics that are very superficial – that is, they are easy to understand and very emotion-based. For example, we might choose a cheap shampoo based on the pretty packaging, nice smell or claim that it will make your hair “instantly smoother”. These effects are purely cosmetic. 

Knowing this, manufacturers select ingredients to maximise these product characteristics, so the user feels the difference in their hair instantly. However, these benefits are often short-term, and will disappear as soon as you stop using the product. Even worse: sometimes the product achieves the benefits it claims to by coating the strands in silicone, which can cause long term buildup and can compromise your future colour results.

Salon-quality brands are creating a product for a much more mindful consumer, who cares about the medicinal effect as well as the cosmetic. If you’re listening to your hairdresser’s advice about products best suited to your needs – rather than listening to a commercial on TV – you probably care a lot more about the health of your hair. You spend more time thinking about the choice you have to make, and as a result you make decisions on product characteristics that are much deeper – for example, if this product will improve the quality of my hair long-term, if the brand is reputable with a lot of testing to support its claims, and if there is anything it should/shouldn’t be used with.

Because of these more involved consumers who care about good results, Salon Brands can afford to use more expensive ingredients, backed up by very expensive research to achieve a medicinal change in your hair, leaving you with long term benefits long after you stop using the product, as well as a beautiful cosmetic feel straight away – WITHOUT the compromise of silicone buildup.

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