Wet Cut vs Dry Cut vs Full Service

Wet Cut vs Dry Cut vs Full Service

What’s a “Full Service” Wash, Cut and Blowdry? Why would that be better than my regular wet cut, or dry cut?

At SuiteBlonde, we only offer Full Service Wash, Cut and Blowdry services, because we believe this is the best way to get a perfect haircut. Hair behaves differently when wet vs dry, and clean vs dirty. In order to perfect the haircut, we like to always wash and condition your hair with salon quality products, and cut the basic structure of the haircut into your wet hair. Once the basic structure has been put in place, we blowdry your hair according to your personal preference for maintenance at home, and perfect the cut on your dry hair. This lets us see how your dry hair naturally falls, and shape the hair so that it sits right around your face, your layers blend perfectly and everything is just right.

A wet cut alone doesn’t allow us to add these finishing touches to really make that haircut perfect, and cutting dry means we’re shaping a cut to the way your hair is sitting right this second, which may or may not be how your hair normally sits! If you’ve slept with slightly damp hair, blowdried your hair slightly different to normal or even left your sunglasses on your head while your hair dries, you’ll end up with hair that’s sitting differently to normal, and a cut that doesn’t suit how you like to wear your hair!


Plus, who doesn’t love the massage you get while your conditioner is working? That’s honestly the best 10 minutes of the whole service! (Except of course, for the final few minutes when your hair is looking fab and you’re looking at your new self in the mirror).

It might take a little bit longer on the day, but trust us that this service is worth the extra 15 minutes! Next time you’re in the salon, ask for a Full Service Wash, Cut and Blowdry instead of a Wet Cut or Dry Cut!