What’s the Difference? Balayage Vs Ombre Vs Root Fade

What’s the Difference? Balayage Vs Ombre Vs Root Fade


You’ve definitely heard of “balayage” before, and you’ve probably heard of “ombre” before. You might have heard of a “root-fade“, and possibly even a “colour melt“. But have you heard of “sombre“, “lived-in colour” and “root shadow“?


Balayage Vs Ombre Vs Colour Melt Vs RootFade

Well, one of the reasons there are so many different terms is because fashion is a personal, ever changing thing. If we could write strict definitions for creative concepts and make everyone fit into a single neat little box with no crossover… well, then it wouldn’t be creative anymore, would it?

Another reason is that most of these terms are a mix up of foreign words and English words, describing technique or end result. Most people will find a perfect picture of the hair they want for themselves, and realise after talking to a professional that the photo is a combination of several techniques, not just one. So no wonder we’re all confused!

The best way to ensure that you get what you want out of your salon visit is to bring in several photos of looks that you like. If you can’t find a single photo that you love, find at least one part of the photo you like – for example, the roots, and then find a few more examples that show what you like. That way, you can come to the salon and say “I love this root look, and these ends, and this overall colour”. Your hairdresser can create a perfect look for you with full understanding of what you like!